Legends of the West

...is a multi-player small-scale skirmish game, played on our 3x2 panel Connected Playing Surface.
The game app is currently in development and is scheduled to launch not later than 2019.
All the hardware is developed and the proof-of-concept complete, having been used in our earlier game Killball. We just need time to let our code monkeys loose on getting the game written!

We're still looking for heroes (and villians) for our Legends of the West game. If you'd like to have one of the characters modelled on you, and to use your name in the game, just fill out the form on the following page:

Be in the game

Legends of the West/For a Few Bullets More is a multi-player wild west shootout game with a degree of deductive reasoning. Every stranger in the town is a potential outlaw. Your job is to hunt down the real bandits while avoiding getting into a gunfight with a faster, more deadly opponent! The game is played on a small-scale skirmish board with suitable terrain/buildings. We're looking for (male and female) profile pictures and suitable bandit names can be generated from your suggested names.

In development