Connecting players across the globe

Never be without an opponent again! Connect your tabletop games to your smartphone or tablet and play against opponents - in realtime or via email - from across the world using the Connected Game surface and interactive terrain and a range of app-based games.


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Works with your existing miniatures!

With nothing more than a simple magnet in the base, your existing miniatures can easily be customised to work with our range of Connected Games. Your moves are automatically tracked using your phone or tablet, rules applied, virtual dice rolled, modifiers applied and outcomes instantly calculated, allowing you to get on with the best part of tabletop gaming - playing the game!

How it works

One platform for multiple games

If multi-part sci-fi spaceship shooters aren't your thing, you could always use our large area skirmish area to play a whole range of different games! By utilising the same playing surface you can use your existing miniatures to play any Connected Game - simply choose the terrain to match your game, load up the app, and lay out your map - and you're ready to rock n' roll. No more learning complex rules, wading through massive rulebooks and paying out a fortune on new games; with the same Connected hardware you can play any game by just loading a different app!

Ready to play?

Works with existing terrain/battlemats

Because we use magnets - a contactless method of tracking playing pieces - the sensors will even work "through" your existing terrain and/or battlemats and other scenery. So long as your miniatures are close enough to a sensor, they will still work, (just make sure the surface they're standing has a non-metallic coating).
Which means you can continue to use all your favourite mats, coverings, scenery and terrain!

What is it?



Play games on a ConnectedGames surface and all your playing piece moves get relayed to your PC, smartphone or tablet automagically.


It's quick and easy to make your existing miniatures compatible with the ConnectedGames contact-free playing surface.

Sound FX

There's nothing like a good, atmospheric sound track to rack up the tension. Our audio tracks respond to what's happening in your game.


Applying modifiers, working out fifteen different calculations then looking up the results of different dice rolls is a pain. Not any more!


Whether playing realtime or turn-based via email, you'll always have an opponent available, whatever the time of day (or night).


Open source framework makes it easy to customise and make your own components using existing and familiar tools

WIN! Free entry! Be in the game

Now you don't just have to play the game - you can be in it! Our games are the result of our amazing community of players, so what better way to show our appreciation, than to make you the star of our next title?

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