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compatible with all existing miniature ranges

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Enhance your tabletop gaming experience with online play. No more massive rulebooks and complex look-up tables. Solo play or play online with friends.

Play over the 'net

Never be stuck for an opponent again; log on, start a game or join an existing one.

Automatic play

No memorising complex rule sets or distracting look-up tables. Takes care of all rules and movement validation.

Solo play rules

Try out new tactics or play a story-based campaign against the computer

Enhanced gameplay

As well as faster gameplay, games are more immersive with ambient background music and sound effects.

Use your existing minis

No need to buy a whole load of new minis and terrain, our exciting new interactive playing surface works with any existing range of miniatures.

Designed from the ground up to be compatible with existing terrain, any size, any scale; using a 1.5" grid you can use terrain designed for 15mm, 28mm, 1" squares, even openLock tiles.

There's no need to rebase your entire army onto expensive, custom, battery-powered bases for your minis - if you can glue a magnet to the base of it, you can use it in one of our games!